Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh No Nikki Crumpet! Why??

As most of you may know I was one of the winners in Nikkicrumpets giveaway, she's @ Blah Blah Blah Blog. I know you all know her because I always have to push my way through the crowd to post a comment. Yes, she has been deemed the Queen! LOL!!! I've never seen as many comments on any blog as the numbers she receives and I tell you she will have you howling with laughter. Well yesterday I received my package from dear Nikki.
There was a ring of the door bell, I knew immediately that it was Nikki's package. My husband went to the door and brought it in. I got a knife and sliced into it. There was a card for me.
It had Ozzie and Crumpet on the front, there was a kind note that was signed, Nikki and the boys. My husband and I got a big kick out of that. lol!!
It had this beautiful metal bucket, even the bow is metal. It is so pretty!

This beautiful note pad that matches my kitchen perfectly. It has a magnet on back so I can attach it to the fridge.
There were loads of other goodies too!

This Santa filled with white chocolate and peppermint kisses, He has a zipper in back and Nikki loaded it with kisses. (Oh No Nikki)!

The cutest Santa cup, it was loaded with goodies too.

See! First I went to work on the Reeses cups, then the silver Hershey's kisses, then the Rolo's, then a Rolo and a silver kiss together, and then the pepperment kisses. I was sick :O(

Look! Double Fudge Brownie Mix. (Nikki ! Why)!

Oreo cookies drenched in Belgian Chocolate yum! yum! I gave my husband one. Then while I worked on this post they slowly disaapeared.


Last but not least, the cutest little snowman ornament! Thanks Nikki! You really know how to pack a lunch! Deb