Friday, September 5, 2008

No Pink Saturday For Me! But Look At What I've Got Instead!

Remember a while back when I told you all that I had 5 grandsons and that I was finally having a granddaughter and that PINK was finally in order?. Well about a month later after the second Sonar it was announced that we were actually having a boy! Well I had been intending to let you all know but every time I made a post I forgot. Well the due date was set for October but yesterday Hurricane Alex Made Landfall!

Isn't he the cutest, little ball of BLUE you ever did see! He weighs only 3lbs 6oz but just look at our new baby, his eyes are open and he's alert and just as handsome as they come. LOL!!!
The Lord Is Good!!!!!

Look at the little facial expression, he's thinking about something! Probably man oh man! Who are these people? Well all signs are that he's a healthy little ball of joy, and all is needed is a little weight gain, unlike his grandmother, and he'll be homeward bound. Please join us in this Celebration Of Life and welcome Alex #6 into the world. May the Lord bless you my sweet darling. Granny Deb!


~Fashion Fridays ~ From Deb's Closet~

Welcome back to Fashion Friday's but, this time it's from my own closet.
Above I just had to share these little reading glasses that I purchased from the Dollar Store. They had about five different colors and since I'm always misplacing mine I thought a few pair would be good to have and the colors would be fun to COORDINATE with fun casual outfits.
As you see here I already paired it with my Savings Club T-Shirt. I don't just walk around with them on though. I just whip them out when needed.

Now this is from my closet, its a sleeveless top that I fell in love with. The colors reminded me of the 70's and so did the style. I wear my brown Bermuda shorts and brown shoes or the ones you see pictured above.

It has a empire waste trim in brown so my choice of brown shorts blends well. The shoes I ordered from Newport News about 5 years ago. It's not often that I get to wear them but, I do like them.

I also picked jewelry that would have been worn in the 70's, I have a few bracelets that I forgot to picture.

Here I'm showing a close up of the shoe, if you click the picture it will enlarge and you can view the beautiful details. Embroidery and beads.
This is a Cardigan that I ordered from Newport News, it had a tunic that I had to order separately. It's pictured below.
It has the same scalloped edges but it ties at the top so you'll have to wear a strapless bra, or keep the Cardigan on. I thought at the time I was ordering, that the shoes above would go with this but when I got them, it didn't and I had no idea what shoes I would wear with it.
Well a couple of days later I was in Walmart, I went to the shoe department and look what my eyes fell upon. This shoe was the perfect match to the sweater set, cheap but, the perfect match. I thought well unless someone is just a stickler for expensive shoes no one will notice and I don't care because I'm buying this shoe!!!!. LOL!!

I don't remember where I found these earrings but sister thought she had it going on in her pink. I wore it one time, but I might wear it again. :O)

Last but no ways least, this is one of my favorites. I actually bought this top from a little store in the mall that my daughter dragged me to looking for something for herself. I saw this little top and I was in love, it was only 19.99. It too reminded me of the 70's. It hung in my closet for about 2 years, then this summer I decided to see what could be done with it.

It has a leather look band and fits just under the breast. First I ran across this turquoise jewelry that would go with it. I have other turquoise jewelry but it was a little too dainty and I was going for this bold look.

Here you can see it better, I found the earrings, necklace, and bracelet to match. It's Monet and I got it on sale at Peebles Department Store, we have one here in Forestdale. It still cost a pretty penny but I got it anyway. And I even have a pair of my little reading glasses that will COORDINATE.

The shoes are Anne Klein, got them at Macy's, Brookwood Village Mall the day I did my last Fashion Show, get this ladies 33.97 regular 69.99. The sales person told me they were having this DYNAMITE SALE because they're making room for their Fall boots. Now mind you don't go messing around those shoes on the Clearance racks, the best shoes are not over there, they're on the back wall and around there. There are all styles and sizes, I bought four pair, all for the same price except one that was 23.99 regular 49.99. I'll be showing them in a later post.

Here is a close up of the shoe. They are suede upper, and so so so comfortable.

I almost forgot this purse, I found it at Cato, 13.99. I love it!!! It's by Cato, but it's so so cute. Well I hope you enjoyed my Fashion Friday post from Deb's closet, let me know if you participated and I'll stop by and see you. Well, I'll stop by even if you don't participate. Deb