Friday, October 3, 2008

Is It Fashionable To Be Organized?

I think so, this is my little dressing table. It once belonged to my Grandmother Carrie. I use to watch her when I was a child every night pull out her brush and brush her long silvery hair, part it down the middle and braid each side and pin them into neat coils in the back of her head. It was downstairs in the garage after several attempts to make it be something else, a desk in the grand kids room, a computer desk, now it serves the purpose it was meant to.

There are three drawers on each side

And one long drawer in the middle and underneath and opening for a chair. I really enjoy sitting here putting on my makeup, styling my hair, painting my nails, or picking out and putting on my jewelry.

Most of the time it's really a mess, this is an understatement.

This is how my jewelry drawer use to look, everything all jumbled in this drawer making it very hard to find anything.

And the rest on the table top in this jewelry box, maybe I would find an earring here and the other to match in the drawer on the other side.

Then the other day I was in Walmart looking for foil and my eyes ran across these snack bags. Well I thought they would be perfect to house my jewelry. One hundred bags for 1.38 cents. If one should break I'll have plenty as a replacements but I would probably never run out.

So I did a search for all of my pink jewelry, and threw away the ones that didn't have matches. After getting it all together I put them neatly away in the bags. They have a zip lock top.

Amazingly all of this fit into one bag.

Then I took my burgundy jewelry and did the same. It took two bags because there were large pieces in this group.

Now whenever I need to find something quick, all I have to do is pull out the bag that has the color I need.

And the drawer doesn't look like a tangled mess. I hope you enjoyed Fashion Friday's and I hope you can find a use for these small bags, it would cost only pennies. I'll be back next Friday with more fashion, the kitchen has been more than it's share of work this week and I'm still not done. Deb