Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Friends, You Misunderstood

No, friends you misunderstood, it was not anyone from blogland but, someone who reads my blog that has to know me personally, because the call was to my cell phone concerning something on my blog. It was meant as a joke but was not at all funny to me. So the message was for that person and not any blogger. I don't even care who it was and I'm sure the matter is settled now by my message that I was not pleased , and so now I'm done with it. Thanks so much for your concern of the matter. Deb

This Message Is For My Prank Caller

This is for the person that was responsible for the prank call made to me this evening.

1. I don't play those games and I don't know of any person that I would do that to, joking or not.

2. My cell phone number is personal to me and I only give it to people that I feel are near and dear to me. I never would think that anyone of those persons would give my number out to someone for malicious purposes, joking or not.

3. I try to be fun and kind to all but, I have to draw the line somewhere. You better hope that I never find out which one of you did this, because I will be reluctant to ever trust you again.

4. If you enjoy my blog, just enjoy it. Don't think of ways to use it for meanness.

5. Now you go, have a nice dinner and be very pleased with yourself. I will not pursue this issue any further because I don't even want to know which one of you did this, but, know that I don't enjoy pranks and absolutely have no sense of humor when it comes to this kind of thing.


Please Accept These Flowers

Hi everybody! I know I haven't been around much in the past few days but, I've been extra busy. I'm still engaged in removing the wall paper in the kitchen along with a few other things. My intentions yesterday were to go to the hospital to visit with my grand son, he has not gotten his weight up and he's having a bit of trouble temp wise but, I didn't make that. So today he is first on my list. Please pray he'll be coming home soon. He's coming along but, slowly.

Since I won't be blogging much today, with grocery shopping, a trip to the post office, and home depot also on my list, I hope you'll accept these flowers. I know, I know, they're not much and I'm looking a mess but, please bear with me, I'll try and get back soon. I pray everyone has one the best days of life today, and God bless you all.