Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm way behind posting about this but, due to circumstances beyond my control. My good friend Kindra has a Etsy store, she has all sorts of neat things. She specializes in Primitive Decor but she's so very talented I believe she can make just about anything. I had her make for me a custom sign that reads... Whatever You Are Be A Good One, I saw that saying in a magazine similar to a Country Sampler, but I don't remember the name of it. I always thought it was a cute saying and although a lot can be read into it, I just choose not to think of the negative. When it was delivered I was so excited!

Kindra had it packaged to make sure that it reached me in tip-top condition. I had fun with the bubble wrap later too. Very large bubbles, I had to step on them. I'm such a kid!

Also there was the cutest little thank you note, along with an apology because the first sign that Kindra made never reached me. Great mail system uh? It was very upsetting to Kindra just getting started with her store and to have this happen. It was very upsetting to me because she's such a lovely person I hated to see this happen to her. Kindra was so gracious and made me a second sign, and I promised her that if it ever shows up I will have it shipped back to her.

Look how beautiful it is. It's pretty long, and it was very reasonable too at 19.99, considering the one I saw in the magazine was around 40.00 and much, much, smaller. Kindra, the place I had chosen for it didn't do it justice. I need to place it somewhere that I can see it all the time. I'm in the process of changing a lot of things around in here as I am redecorating my den. I will show you it's final resting place soon. Deb
Also in catching up, when I had my boys over, I'd promised them I would take them to our amusement park called Alabama Adventure, today I will be taking them and will try to get lots of pictures to share. I'm just about done with my den too. I just need to hang the Roman Shades, and shop around the house for accessories. I will share it soon too.