Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Hosting a Fashion Show!

I'm going to host a Fashion Show! I got the idea yesterday morning as I was on my way to my neighborhood Peebles Department Store. I was looking for a nice dress, nothing to dressy, just something with a casual feel. Then I thought how fun would it be to have a Fashion Show. Everyone could pick a catorgory of attire, then take a picture in that outfit or outfits.
This is my own clothes. I didn't think I looked too bad until I got a look in the dressing room mirror. It was sort of like being on "What Not To Wear". I love that show, and I've tried to pick up a few pointers but, I don't think I'm there yet. Looking at this picture maybe I could have chosen a different top but... Oh well, here I am.
This little dress I kinda really like. I would try a different shoe, maybe something thin and strappy with a slightly higher heel. I'm really not posing, I had to tilt my head to keep the glare of the flash from hiding my face.

I really loved the colors of this one but, it fit a little snug. They had a larger size I just didn't go back out to get it because the noise that my camera was making when it flashed got me to feeling a little nervous. I could hear ladies in dressing rooms on each side of me and I kept wondering " What Were They Thinking"?. Well Peebles was kinda limited on their styles and I didn't see a whole lot that I wanted to try. So for the fashion show next week I will have to go some place that has a variety of clothing. This is similar to the Bathroom Diva's that Shelia over at Note Songs is host of. Next week, I too, will join the Bathroom Divas! LOL!!!!
Anyways, you can choose from any or all categories or one category each week and start a "Fashion Friday" if you like.

Business Casual
Evening Wear.

The Fashion Show will be held next Friday the 29th of August, and to all that would like to participate, let me know in your comment and I'll set up a link to you from my post. Let's Have Fun! And remember, "No Clothing Will Be Harmed" in the making of this show, and who knows, the stores may even make a few sales. LOL!!!

I couldn't leave the store without looking around for other things to share. This was some lovely items with Roosters.

These items were nautical theme dinnerware.

These were nautical theme decorations, I loved the Lake, Swim, and Boats signs. There was also a large sign that said Beach.

This silly duck caught my eye too!

For all my Prim gals, they had plenty for you. At 40% off even!

This red sign reads, Celebrate Family * Friends * Traditions. Well that's all from my shopping trip, and I hope to see you guys at the Fashion Show!.

Last but not least, two awards from my good friend Tammy, at Country Girl At Home. I love visiting with Tammy, she is a very talented lady, she decorates her home in the warmth of country. She shares the her love of family, friends, and life. Thank you so much Tammy for thinking of me. I am blessed to have you as a friend. Deb