Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Patio Floor Project

This is my screened porch area, it will probably never be what I want it to be, because we only use it unless we're grilling. I have the pit inside so we won't be bothered by flies or other insects. What I really wanted you to see is how I did the floor.

I started out with green outdoor carpet which was boring. I bought brown porch paint, I think it was oil based. I used chalk, tape, and string, to make a circle. I taped the string in the center area and tied the chalk on the other end and drew a circle, then I shortened the string each time to make each inside circle, this you'll see in the area of the round table.

For the square designs, I just drew the lines with a yard stick. The painting of all areas only took about 3 hours tops. I really like how everything turned out.

The old metal glider and chair, I really love. When my niece bought her house, the owners before her left it behind and my niece had no use for it. It was her plan to sit it out for the garbage collectors. But, "I Was Jim Dandy To The Rescue, Baby" So then I said to myself, "I wish I had a chair to go with this" but I never thought I'd find one. Then one day we went to a family function over my cousin in laws, mother's house. And guess what? She had the chair! I asked if I could buy it, she only had the one, and she said yes!. Thanks, Mrs. Charlie, I really wanted that chair! Now get this, I saw two chairs to match it in the front yard next door to Thelma, one of the ladies in the social and savings club I'm in. I haven't confronted them though, because I figure since they have two they would be missed. But, I know where they are!

Okay, back to the rug, this solid brown rectangle area goes all the way under the grill not pictured here but, there's a picture of the grill on my previous post . I can seat 12 people comfortably out here and it's feels great in the Spring but, too warm for me in the day time during the summer, even though there are two ceiling fans. I don't want to have the area closed in with air conditioning because I enjoy the fresh air.

This shows how my flower beds are coming along in the backyard, I haven't spent as much time back here as I normally would due to the fact that I'm blogging now :O} The bed right in front of the screened area, I planted elephant ears, lilies, and some others. They're not doing so good yet, I believe it's because I use a weed killer in it and didn't wait long enough before planting but they're not dead yet, so they will survive.

This is the front yard, my husband has to use a riding mower or he may pass out dead.

This is the side yard where I have the kids swing set now, not pictured. The back yard area is behind the fence.