Monday, November 10, 2008


I'd planned to do this for my 100th post but that was several post ago, so here goes.

Well as you know I no longer have my Country Den, so I have a few things tucked away not being used. So I said to myself, "Self, why are you holding onto these things that someone else might love having? So, although I love these candle sticks with heart and soul lol!!!, I want to give someone else a chance to love them too!
Then I'm adding these letters that spell home. Home seems to be a special place for us all, it shows in the homes of all that I've visited here in blogland.

Last, I'm parting with this cute little game board, and I'll call this and the above my "Prim Package".

though not a good picture, this little ensemble, pitcher, vase, and doo-dad. I don't know what its called. LOL!!! I hope you can see the colors clearly, I used my old camera while my battery charges on the other. The colors are black, white, pale blue, and the flowers are pink, and sort of peach. I'm not sure of the style but, I'm going to call it my "Cottage Package".

Please specify which package you want to draw for, one or the other so participants are sure to get the package they wanted. Those who don't want either, soon I'll have something that could go with any style. LOL!!!! Drawing will be one week from today, which will be next Monday! Deb