Saturday, April 19, 2008

On The Road Again

This time I'm on my way to Big Lots, I saw cushions for the front porch that I want, I love this street in my neighborhood it's always so peaceful with all the trees I had to take a picture of it.

There it is in the distance, there are quite a few stores in this little mall. There's Food World, Cato, Peebles, Hibbett, ABC Store, Sally's Beauty Supply, Glenn's Jewlers, GNC Live Well, Citi Trends, The Dollar Store, Big Lots, and Rent-A-Center.

Here they are, they're reversible, floral on one side and stripe on the other. They have zip out cushions for easy cover cleaning and they claim to have UV treated fabric that's resistant to fading and stains. They don't have as much stuffing as I want but that's an easy fix, I'll just use the stuffing from my old ones to make these how I want them.

This is what I'm facing now, the sun completely faded the cushion covers and the furniture. The furniture was black and now its a dusty charcoal gray. The cushions were the same color as the house trim with a litte black woven in but now they are who knows what color. And the leaves and dirt from the winter has left the patio floor a dirty mess but that's a job for "Super Man", (my husband) he'll have to break out the pressure washer. Yuk!

In this picture I'm starting my painting, I painted one strip so you can see the difference. The sun had really done a number on this, I hope next year I won't have to paint again. Floor again, Yuk.

Ok, here I'm done with the painting, looks better already.

My husband still has to do the pressure washing but he promised he'll do it this weekend, but I did do some heavy sweeping. Still I can't wait until its done.

The steps down from the stoop, it's a sunken patio.

This is the fabric on the flip side, I don't know which one I like better. I'll take suggestions.

Just a few plants and my aunt's Geranium, I'm taking it to her tomorrow. The plaque was given to me by my cousin, she knows I love anything pertaining to the garden. Its reads "Sit And Relax In My Garden. Thanks Marie, you are very special to me.

This is just a side view, everythings planted but they haven't grown up yet, I will post a front view when everything has matured. Now I'm moving to the back yard and back patio. Will post.