Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Is Finally Here

I love spring. The signs are beginning to show, like this windchime I bought years ago. It was meant to be a flower pot but, because I was hanging it high, it was small, and I thought of tired arms, it would just be a chime.
To my surprise and pleasure, it became a home to a family of birds. I watched this couple build their nest and settle in. A lot of work went into preparing this home, and a lot of care to their young. It was funny that everytime she came home with food the dinner bell would ring.
Their home has fallen into disrepair. All the chimes have fallen to one side. Unfortunately everytime I think about repairing it, it's spring again and the process of moving in has begun. Maybe I could repair it but, I have this fear that while reaching for it a bird will fly out and give me a heart attack. Oh well, maybe next year, I hope you all are enjoying the signs of spring. Deb