Monday, April 21, 2008

Awarded and Tagged - What A Blessed Day

I been awarded by Kindra at 3 Guys A Girl And A Prim Place to receive the "You Make My Day Award" Kindra to me is a very kind person, (and not just because its in her name) a loving stay at home mother and wife, and quite a talented artist. She could start her own business from home if she finds the time.

I will share my award with...
Rue, I know you already have one, but you are fun girl, and have made my day from the start, plus you have always been there for me.

Pat, I know you already have several, and you deserve them all, and maybe I'm not following all the rules, but this one is for J. For always being there for you.

To Tress for caring.

Just for being you, you're quite a lady.
Dot, you're a wonderful writer.

Terrie, you make my day just by stopping in, its always good to see your face.


I've also been tagged by Kindra to share six random things about myself.

My Six

1. I make mini movies of my husband sleeping on the couch (snoring) and play them back on TV when he least expects it.

2. I buy clothing that I fall in love with in the size I wish to be, with hopes of being inspired to lose weight to that size, and haven't worn the first piece yet. :(

3. I hope to write a book someday, something I have in common with my tagger.

4. My 17 year old daughter Kandace and I are butting heads most of the time, though it hasn't affected our love for one another.

5. For this one, I asked my husband to give one random thing about me and his answer was, that I never let him leave the house without out kissing me good-bye (said sarcastically, as he was leaving the house).

6. I believe that my husband and myself will be together until death.

I will invite all who reads this and wishes to participate to do so. Me