Thursday, May 6, 2010

Keeping Up With The Jone's

Have you ever had an idea and a neighbor beat you to it? Below is my neighbor's house, this is not a very good picture of what I'm going to showcasing but I promise that wasn't done on purpose. You see we've had a lot of wind here in Alabama lately.
See that flag pole, well my neighbors use it to showcase flags of all season's and occasions. Cute couple, I don't know where she finds all of her flags but I bet she has a million of them.

See we both put our flags out for independence day last year, (here's mine), and I was going to keep mine up and change out the flags and she beat me to the punch. So quite naturally I couldn't do it too, I would feel like a big old copy cat. So I had to come up with something equally as cute. Do you see the wall there on my front stoop?

It now has a clock and people passing by can get the time. It's my own Big Ben! Cute substitute for a changing flag and when I'm sitting out on the front I always know what time it is. That's Mini Poo, my dog, I had no idea she missed the camera cue.

Or when ever someone comes to the door or if I see something going on in the neighborhood and I look out the front door I know what time it happened. Isn't that cool? I know, I know, I'm such a dork! LOL!!! But I love my porch clock! Deb