Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Kiss Better Than I Cook

I bought this sign for my husband hoping that maybe he would choose my wonderful kisses over my cooking but, that was just an illusion of mine. " Dinner needs to be on the table". He came home from work last night so cute and happy, walks through the door and heads straight to the kitchen. There’s nothing. The look on his face was a look to be studied, "by scientist". It was like shock times 20. It was like this can’t be happening times 20. Now I’m saying to myself, come on now, nobody expects dinner "everyday", or could it be that my cooking is actually better than my kisses? Well, I dismissed that thought quickly, how ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong now, I love my husband very much and it’s not too often that this happens to him. I will do anything for him and although cooking could be last on that long list, I will place it around second. So tonight when he gets home, I’ll have a scrumptious meal waiting for him and happy will once again enter his world, and everything be alright. Enjoy yours, Deb.