Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thrift Store and Yard Sale Finds

Hello everybody! I know it's been a long time! I just want to share with you the latest thrift and yard sale finds that I have. This is my little living room full of what ever I find that has that out- of-doors feel and other things that I like. That desk, I found at a yard sale for 20.00 and the chair that's with it, at a thrift store. I've had them a long time, but still love them.
My plan was to re-finish the desk, but I like it fine the way it is.

This is one of my new finds. Found at a thrift store near my home, and guess what? It was only 24.99!

This is how the backside is made. When I got it I thought of having it recovered, but it matched the colors that I already have perfectly.
See it has taupe, cream and pink also.

I put it in front of this window between the living and dining rooms. I haven't found the perfect table to use in front of it but this will do for now. It's a little table I found at Fred's, I put a TV tray on top.

Then about 2 months after finding the Settee, I found this chair at a yard sale. Got it for 20.00! Isn't it lovely?! I found that pillow at Ross for 6.99.

Just look at the woodwork, only a little dusting cleaned it up!

This is how the chair fits in with my decor.

And how the Settee fits also! They sit at an angle across from the other. I just go in there and sit in the Settee and look at the chair, then I sit in the chair and look at the Settee. LOL!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Deb


Twice as Nice said...

I couldn't believe you posted! Miss ya girl. Oh, what wonderful finds. Love the settee and that it too. I have never seen one like that. It looks new. You have the perfect spot for that desk. What great finds, happy for you. Now don't be a stranger.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-great to hear from you and pleased to hear you're keeping well too! Love these finds, they really look stylish and homely, well done!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Great thrifty finds - amazing really! Love the settee - it has a great shape!


The Liberty Belle said...

I love your thrifty finds! Excellent prices and elegant style.

Ms. Tonya said...

You are back! Yeah!!!

Life on the Edge said...

It's been a long time since I've been blog visiting! I have posted for about the second time in 4 months. I just don't know where the time goes! I am so impressed with your shopping skills! You found such beautiful things. I especially love that settee and that pretty upholstered chair.

So much is going on in my apartment in April, trip to Chicago (I just blogged about that), new boyfriend, and job is going well!

Life on the Edge

Kate Michelle said...

I do hope all is well with you and your family. I miss your varied postings-your finds and uses of them, & your family events. Enjoyed your Friday clothing ensembles that you did for a period of time (think I have the day correct). And miss you!