Tuesday, October 7, 2008

~What's Going On~

My mind is in total turmoil. I've my begun painting and I'm not so sure I like the color! For some reason it's been so hard choosing a color because of the green counter tops. I hope I can make it through this my husband says it's the color that is on the card but for me I don't think so, and I don't know if I like this. LOL!!!! I may be out for a while, because I may be choosing a new paint color, then I may never put on my painter's hat again! LOL!!! Deb

Now on a lighter note. Remember this bunch? This was before baby Alex as a matter of fact you can see him in the picture.

Well these two, members of the ponytail crew, were oh so content with their hair do's. My son will probably never cut his hair, it's actually longer than mine. Below is a picture of him when he was graduating from high school. I love it this way, but to each his own. Stay out of it, mom!

See, big difference!

And then there's Poogly, when he isn't wearing a ponytail he's wearing a Kramer. LOL!!!!

Okay, fat chance of Kevin cutting his hair, so that's not an issue. Now Master Poogly on the other hand doesn't like getting his hair combed. So Saturday Night! Kevin emailed me this picture!

Hallelujah !!! Excuse the nudity please!!!!! But look ! Master Poogly with a haircut! Kevin cut it. Isn't he handsome! I utterly screamed when I saw this! And he looks like "What just happened here"? I asked Kevin how did he behave while getting the cut and he said, pretty good. Well that's what's happening in my world, hope yours is great too!



Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-what a gorgeous family you have!! Stunning pictures!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Deb!
Girl, paint just never looks the same on the walls as on the swatch to me either...don't know why. It can be a very stressful thing too! That's why I am such a fraidy cat of paint! LOL! The hubby has a pretty good eye for it though, thank goodness. I hope your painting dilema gets straightened out.... I just know your kitchen will turn out beautifully...I can't wait to see it when you're done. You can do it girl! By the way your family pictures are precious! Hope you have a great day!

Connie said...

Well, my sweet cherub, I have a man painting my office tomorrow!! I'm so excited I could just spit!! PINK of course. But if you don't like the color then change it; you'll never be happy with it so might as well do it while you're on a roll, chickee!! Trust me on this one....

You tell that young man/son of yours that he is sooooo handsome in his graduation picture that it makes me wanna scream and kiss him!! He looked "manly"! But that little guy is adorable........soooooo sweet, innocent and cute......


Donna said...

Hey Deb!!!! I love family pics! :) The baby looks like a big boy with his new haircut.

I cant wait to see the paint job..

PS. I love your music! Especially Roy Ayers! It's so funnt, that's what I have playing today.


Ruthie said...

You will probably like the paint better after it's all done. When I first painted a wall in our old house, I didn't like it at first - and then it grew on me and I ended up liking it alot. It seems to always look different when it's acturally on the wall. Have fun painting.
Enjoy the family pix - nice haircut!

Melissa Wertz said...

Beautiful family! And doesn't he look nice and handsome with the haircut!

The last time I painted my kitchen that happened to me... you might not like hearing... reading this, but I ended up painting it 3 times...

That was 6 years ago and DH will not let me do anything with it b/c he is a fraid that we will go thru thhe same thing. Besides I like last color(s). It is a glazed dry-brushed faux finished.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Choosing paint can be stressfull! But you have such esquisite taste that i am sure it would look devine!

About that little cutie, he is just so tiny for a hair cut! but boys hate to comb their hair even more than girls, I cut isey's hair when he turned 2, we have this old wives' tale about boys and haircuts!

French said...

Deb choosing a paint color is tough when you know you have to look at it for awhile~~~just take a deep breath and go for it;) Ohh some good looking young men there! I am sure you are leaving due to the embarassment you happen to know about in Blogge'ville~~he he he French;)

PAT said...

He's a doll, Deb, no matter his hairstyle!

I don't know if Drew had that same expression on his face, last week, when my son in law gave him a haircut. I really like his new cut though..it's very much like Master Poogly's. Drew's daddy shaves his head and I was really worried about Drew's beautiful head of hair, but Drew's mommy said not to worry.

Good luck with the painting. I guess J and I will start the hallway at the condo and see what happens. The kids will be there to help, later in November.

Cute post!

nikkicrumpet said...

I love the haircut...what an adorable guy Master Poogly is. I just love saying that...master poogly master poogly master poogly! Finish painting...it takes awhile to get used to it. I'm sure it will be fine! (this coming from the girl with the SCREAMING YELLOW guest bedroom lol)

Bo said...

Hi Deb...well, it is a woman's nature to change her mind, isn't it? and sometimes over & over & over again...heehee. Say, that is a goodlooking bunch of menfolk you have there with or without the Kramer-do... ;-) Bo

Shanda said...

Hi Deb, little poogly is so cute and I love his new hair cut.
About the paint, I think greens are the hardest to judge and the amount of light it recieves always changes the actual outcome. I have a green bedroom upstair that is not at all what I thought I was painting, but I like it at night when there is no day light. Try to visulize it all done, with decor up, curtains up, table cloths dishes and such and it is probably what you were hoping for. It is just always such a shock and change because we just get so use to something. Also pretend you have never been in the room before and go in with your eyes closed and then pop them open and see then if you like it. I bet you will, you are just having painters cold feet which is real common. Good luck and hang in there.

Kathi said...

That is sooooooooooo cute. Daddy has the job of combing the long hair; Daddy fixes it so Daddy won't have to comb the long hair anymore. LOL. Your family is beautiful. Kathi

Jenn said...

Awwww Deb, how adorable!
I CANT wait to see your paint color.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Your grandson is so cute with his haircut! He sure does have a look on his face like, "hey, what just happened here?" I bet he is more comfortable now because he doesn't have to have it combed.


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Mr. Poogley is just precious with his new haircut! :) The Kramer reference was too funny! You have two handsome men here!

Hope your painting gets better. I've been there many times, I usually just finish it and then see how it looks. Makes a big difference! Then again, I have painted a bathroom completely 3 times in a row! LOL! Anyhow, hoping yours turns out well! ~Rhonda :)

Mrs. B said...

Oh, I know what you mean about the paint! It never looks like I think it will! If you don't like it, then change it or it will drive you crazy! Good luck! Your little grandson is so adorable, even if he does look a little upset about the hair cut!

Kindra said...

You sure got a good looking family Deb...hair and all. :)

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Deb, Just came over to see if you had a fashion friday post for today! I know you are so busy right now! Hope the painting and kitchen redo is going well! Do you stick with the paint or repaint the green? ~Have a great weekend! ~Rhonda :)

Picket said...

Hey Deb...ohhhh look at that 'little man'! He looks adorable with his hair cut...girl hurry up and paint that kitchen so we can see it! lol Thanks for coming by sweetie..we are still rejoicing over little Isabella! Take care and have a great weekend!

Manuela said...

Such cuties! Wait until you finish painting. A lot of times it takes a couple of coats to get the color on chip and unfortunately I usually can't tell until the whole thing is done and I can see it all at once in different light.


Bella Casa said...

Are you painting with green? Because I want to do my kitchen in green and lots of responses said to go one lighter on the card because it shows up darker on the wall...hmmm.....I have green counter tops, too. I can't wait to see your kitchen redo:)

Cute family!!!!

Bella :)

Bo said...

Hi Deb...according to my blog list, it shows you posted something since "What's Going On" but when I come over here I don't see anything new...am I missing something, 'cuz you know Beaudeen doesn't want to miss out on ANYTHING! Hugs, ;-) Bo

Nnairda's said...

I'm all for a haircut. My husband's hair is long and ds was wearing it long for quite sometime until I finally was able to convince him that he looks much better with a haircut. Praise God...he listened!!!

I hope you decide on your paint color.

Enjoy your week!


Donna said...

Hey Deb.. how's the painting coming along?

Miss you much!


Sharon said...

What a beautiful family you have! I love his new hair cut, what a handsome boy!!! You are wise to not bug your son about his hair. I think it works for him!

Hugs, Sharon