Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashion Fridays ~ From ~ Deb's Closet

Welcome to Fashion Friday's hosted by Fifi, at Fifi Flowers Design. I love how she's included anything that you may think is fashionable instead of just clothing. This is a post I did a while back as I also hosted a Fashion Friday but it never really took off. I'm so glad that Fifi has organized Fashionable Friday's because now I get to participate in something I think is quite fun!!!!!

Let's start with the accessories, today I'm using Ralph Lauren's Romance, I always use this Par fum for shinny and glittery nights. I'm also using Silver and Pearls as my jewelry selection. As my friend Connie would correct me to say faux Silver and Pearls because they are not real. Okay! LOL! My shoe choice is a Pewter, peep toe, with a buckle for added interest, 32.00 on sale.

Today I'm going to revisit an outfit. It's one of the outfits I bought while in Macy's during my Fashion show and today I'm showing it with the accessories I've chosen. Actually this jewelry is Silver but, I guess it is mirroring the brown in the top, and giving off a gold accent. I have paired the top with my white linen Bermuda shorts. The shoes are also taking on that goldish hue but, that's okay I love how it changes for the outfit.

I couldn't get a good picture of the necklace, it shows as gold, and it's totally silver. I was drawn to this necklace because it reminded me of the coin jewelry from long ago, and I loved how the weight and shape of it shifts to one side instead of being symmetrical.
Do you remember the jewelry that was like nickels, dimes and if I'm remembering correctly it was buffalo head nickles. Sometimes clothing would have chain belts that also had these coins. I can remember having a red plaid skirt that had one of those belts. This necklace and earring set is by Jordi's European Collection.

Here I'm honoring my friend Nikki Crumpet's request to model an outfit this time. Hi Nikki! Just for you!

Here I used my denim shorts shown last week with the pink blouse. The denim dresses it down a little but, not much so this could still be worn on a nice dinner date.
I must confess a weight gain of about 5 pounds but, I'm still trying to maintain the inches I've lost but I'm beginning to feel a tightness in my clothes. Monday my friend Mary in Texas and I plan to start the Slim'n 6 exercise program together. Pray for us. :O( I wish there was something I could love about exercise, I'm dying just thinking about it. Anyway I'm going to eat everything in sight this weekend getting it all out of my system for next week. LOL!!!!

This is a close up of the shoe, I have not been able to find a purse that I think would be perfect with this shoe.

But, I thought that maybe I could get away with this white bag with this out fit because there's white in the outfit. What do you think?

Remember this?

Well, I thought I'd wear this outfit for you, it's also from a previous post.

This concludes this Fashionable Friday's post, I hope you enjoyed it and will join me again soon. I'm finding that that closet of nothing, is really full of many options. Just pick a shoe and search for the things that will go with it. You'll find you have more than you think. Then take a picture of it for future reference because you will forget how you've pair it. Deb


Jan Parrish said...

I always enjoy it.:)

You might pair the striped shoes with the striped shirt. Are the the same color? Love the gold shoes.

Praying for your grand baby. That's great news.

I've posted a What Not To Wear.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Love these posts my dear!! I like the 1st outfit (the top with the white shorts best) and the last one is lovely too! You always use your accessories so stylishly, I need to start doing this too! Have a great weekend my dear!

Melissa Wertz said...

Love the outfits! I just weear workout clothes so much, I hardly ever wear anything else except to go to church. I really like that necklace and earring set.

Everything is so stylish and vogue!

Carolyn said...

Great Pics!

You look fab!

Connie said...

Wooooo, you are one hot nana chick, lady!!! Gorgeous gams and glittery jewels. You're the southern "Cleopatra" for sure, you cute chick! I'm so thankful little Alex is better. We gotta take good care of God's little blessings from heaven.......
Smooches.......and please give that baby a smooch and a teensy hug from this ol' Idaho gal,

Brown-Eyes said...

Hi Deb...I'm still chuckling over the head gear fashion I thought you were wearing in a couple of photos...then you stepped aside a bit and I saw it was a wreath on the wall...LOL...everything was lovely and that is a good tip about taking photos of match-ups!
Good news about Baby Alex...someday you'll marvel at how small he started out and what a big, strong man he became.
;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

Deb, I didn't know about your Grandson! I am glad he is doing better! I will say a prayer for him!!!! (xoxoxoxoxo)

The song on for Justine was "Still I Rise" by Yolanda Adams! I dont think the song played today because I was changing my blog. :(

Your outfit's are HOT!!!!!! One of these Friday's I am going to shock you!!!! :)


PS. How was the ER visit after Raquel's wild party???


Anonymous said...


Savannah never married. She has a hard time fitting in... I love the name!!! Read French's post. I gave Savannah some real history. I love the character... she can be Savannah's paternal grandmother. I think that would work.


Picket said...

Hey Deb...ohhhh I am rejoicing with you about little Alex! Love the outfits girl..and i was like Bo..I thought your were wearing some sort of of hat in that first pic! lol lol Girl you must make your hubby proud to be seen with you the way you put yourself together....but then again I bet he loves you so much he would think you were beautiful in a frogie & brush rollers! lol lol Have a great weekend sweetie!

Monday through Sunday said...

Looking good!! :)

Anonymous said...


I dont think French posted my comment yet... check back in a few.... I think it would work though...

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Deb, I thought you were an angel in the first pic, with the "HALO" around your head, (the wreath behind you) LOL! But you are a vision of loveliness with these fabulous outfits! LOVE the 1st brown shoes!

Glad you grandson is doing better and growing! :) ~Rhonda

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Love it! All the outfits are smashing!!

Wish I could borrow that necklace and the white purse! SOO cute!


nikkicrumpet said...

Heck sure can work them bermuda shorts. And lets not even talk about those gorgeous shoes!!! I'm so glad you modeled the clothes...its so much easier to see how the outfits and accessories really come together. And you have a great eye for that kind of thing. Besides that you're beautiful so it makes the clothes even look better. And I'm like the first I was like...whats with that funky hat! lol Thanks for humoring me....I know putting on the clothes is a pain in the I appreciated it!

Kathi said...

Once again you amaze me with your style and class, Deb. You look gorgeous. I love that coin-like necklace and the pewter shoes, and, well everything.


Pearl said...

Hi Deb... I was so thrilled to hear about sweet Baby Alex's improvements! Thank You, God!!

You look so beautiful in your photos and, as always, your eye for style is amazing! I liked the last outfit the best... and I do remember those chains 'n coins!

Have a lovely weekend and please kiss Baby Alex for me! God bless...

~hugs, love ♥ 'n prayers~


Deb said...

You ladies are cracking me up about the hat thingy. My husband said the same thing when he was taking the pictures. I told him not to worry about it, that you all wouldn't think it was a hat, and I was *WRONG* LOL!!!!

PAT said...

Hi Deb...You look so great! Loved the outfits.

I've been sort of out of the loop a tad so I need to catch up with you on what'sbeengoing on in your life!

Twice as Nice said...

Oh, cute, cute, cute!! I love that you are modeling the outfits. Those shoes are SO fab. Love it all and the color looks great on you. Glad to hear good news about your grandson :o)

Brown-Eyes said...

Hi Mrs. Plumward...If you haven't been to French's over there...She has made me (Beaudeen Gunch) and you best friends! We are 2 poor, old pathetic busybodies with nothing better to do than gossip...heehee...sounds like a great time! Sending good wishes for Baby Alex... ;-) Bo

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lookin' good, gf!! I love your choice of fashion. I would chose similar styles for myself!! And your a girl after my own heart. You haveta' have the shoes & purse!! I managed Baker's & The Wild Pair Shoe Stores for almost 8 years.

I'm praying for your grand baby!!
Hugs, Terrie

Savvy Mode SG said...

sequin shoes are totally trendy now. : )

Shanda said...

Love your necklace Deb, I have a similar one I bought at the market in Hawaii. It is coin shaped shell and has a bronze effect. I think you are a very elegant lady with exquisite taste in clothing. Your children and husband should be so proud. No "mom" jeans here. You inspire me each week. I have voved to not buy any more clothes this fall and make do with what I have. I need to be more creative and put things together like you do.

French said...

Your looking pretty hot there Deb;) I hope you like the character for Mrs. Plumbward (he he) I love her character! French;)

Couture Carrie said...

Love those sparkly buckle shoes!