Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Meme

I planted this Horsetail in one of my beds and before I knew it there were hundreds, I pull them up and they come back, I'm convinced there will always be a straggler or two. This Meme will tell a little about me, but I will add a tid-bit. I'm kinda like this Horsetail I can get along beautifully in a crowd, I love people. I love to host gatherings, of family friends. Even if you know someone who you think may want to come with you bring em on, the more the merrier. Now on normal day to day basis you will see me alone, and I like it that way.

I've been tagged by Melanie, of Monday through Sunday, thanks Melanie for wanting to know more about me, I just wish I was more interesting than I am.
The categories are : Five things I do for myself, five things I do for my friend, child, or partner, five things I have done for a stranger, five things I do for fun and last five to tag.

Five things I do for myself
1. I keep the hair from my chin
2. Pray
3. Paint my toenails
4. Mind my own business ( you stay out of troubles that way)
5. I perm my own hair

Five kind things I do for my friends child or partner
1. I’m always there when they need me
2. I rub my husbands back without him asking
3. I bring my husband breakfast in bed every Saturday & Sunday morning
4. I give advice strictly from the bible
5. Give my husband manicures and pedicures

Five kind things I have done for a stranger
1. Given great directions
2. Offered my cell phone to a stranded motorist to call for help
3. I bought a homeless man a sandwich, he got mad, tore it up and said he didn’t eat meat
4. I helped a little girl find her momma in Wal-Mart (took her to the service desk so they could page her)
5. Helped a man at the check out that didn’t have enough money

Five things I do for fun
1. Amusement Parks
2. Karaoke
3. Swimming
4. Gardening
5. Blog

Five tags

Just Ruthie
The Barber Bunch
British Colonial Love Affair
Sunflower Meadows
Country Girl At Home

Just a few more pics from from what I love, My Garden.

Balloon Flowers

I don't know what this one is called but it's tall blades of grass, then it blooms beautiful orange flowers.

This is what they look like in full bloom.


Connie said...

You go, girl!!!! Nothing like a perm for this thick, fine, lifeless hair on this head!!

You sound sooooo sweet!


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Love your meme...they always provides insight to a person, that you might not get from normal post! When I read your intro, I certainly felt we were kindred spirits! I love to host parties and entertain for large crowds. And I never know who all will show up, because friends know that their friends and family are they bring people too! But I tend to go around by myself a lot...which, like you, I prefer! LOL!

Don't get discouraged about your weight! You are a beautiful person! ...but I can understand that it is neccessary when it becomes health related like high blood pressure. But don't let it get you down! Your body might have been "confused," by not having much food for several days, and then having a lot of goodies...might have gone into a storing mode! So, don't let it get you down! Uplifting Prayers for encouragment headed your way! :)

Hugs, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely blog and a great testimony. God Bless

Pearl said...

Hi Deb... A Fantastic Post! I loved your meme... it's always nice to get that extra lil peek into someone else's life. Your meme just showed me what I already knew to be true... You're a sweet & gracious soul that loves her family & friends deeply. ~hugs~

And, I always enjoy your garden photos... both of your thumbs must be green! Thanks for sharing... off to read more... God bless...

~more hugs~

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I enjoyed reading more about you, Deb. And what a pretty garden you have.

You have the best music playing! I could listen to that all day.


Momstheword said...

Thanks for your comment about tv or not on my blog. Say, I love the thing about the homeless man not eating meat! Who says he doesn't have any pride and standards? LOL Love your garden pictures.

This Country Girl said...


You have lovely flowers! I enjoyed your meme! I got tagged, huh? I still haven't been able to do the link thing on my blog...can't figure something out, but I'll do my best to at least answer the questions on the meme in a couple of days (hope that's okay!). And I'm not that interesting really! I enjoyed yours though!

~ Tammy

Jan Parrish said...

Beautiful garden. Love it!

Monday through Sunday said...

I LOVE your flowers!! Beautiful!!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Great meme! I laughed so hard where you say that you are working at keeping the hairs from your chin. That's a daily battle here too, lol. What is it with being this age that hair grows in such weird places? I even have one that grows out of my forehead...yuck!!!

It was great finding out more about you!


Rue said...

Loved your meme :)

I think that may be why that man is now homeless ;)


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Oh Deb, don't ever say that you're not interesting. I can read your beautiful heart in your words and I love it!

I just love how you honor your husband.


French said...

Oh Deb wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome and I will do my best to follow up on the tag of the meme....I have so much to catch up on feel as though I have been gone for a month! Yikes! Keep up the great work on the weight girl woohoo!! I know you can do it!!! French;)