Monday, May 5, 2008


I wasn't going to post today but, I went over to Mrs. B's and she was participating in a Yellow Challenge that Angela of Cottage Magpie was having. Mrs. B's pictures were lovely and fun, so I thought I would get in on the fun too but, realized that my yellow is limited.
Ok, my yellow dust mop, not so fun.

This sign has a yellow background and it makes me think of Aunt Bea, Goober, Barney, Andy, Thelma Lou, Helen, Opie, Floyd, Howard, Gomer, Otis, Clara, Ernest T, Emit, The Darlings....etc.
Since I love them all so, maybe one day I'll do a post of them.

This clock has a yellow background and the wall is yellow, just doesn't show up that well. It's in the room that we use for our grand when they come over.

Lemon juice for my salads. :O(

This is Kandace's big ole yellow bag

My Yellow Ducky place mats

My hubby came home with this one, I've had it for about five years now, it sits on my mantle in my Country Den and it has a tiny pack of lifesavers, but speaks of the ULTIMATE LIFESAVER JESUS CHRIST. "BOY THIS WAS FUN" Deb


Stacy said...

ROFL XD Oh my gosh =p im sorry, but this was a great blog post =) I love your humor "Boy this was fun" xD LOL I feel your pain, im sure id have the same luck if i went on a yellow quest *hugs*

Mrs. B said...

Love your yellow Deb! I'm glad you decided to play along! The picture of your dust mop is too funny! I love that Aunt Bea's pie sign. Sometimes I wish I could go back and live in Mayberry myself!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Deb...Loved your CREATIVE yellow post! LOL! I'm so far behind...busy weekend!!!, but maybe I can hunt yellow things in my home this evening & post! Looks like a fun challenge!

THANK YOU so much for the awards! I'm honored just to be on your friends list! I'm so excited and getting ready to proudly post my awards on my blog!

Oh, and I'm going to post an update on my wagon....didn't get it! :o(....when I went back the whole pile was gone! Thanks for the support and rooting me on! Next time I won't procrastinate...I'll grab that sucker and run! LOL!

Hugs, Rhonda

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Deb, I love the yellow challenge. I wish I had time to participate. I'm busy.. working in the yard. Just wanted to say, HI!!
Hugs, Terrie

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Deb, I have something for you over at my blog....I hope you will accept my RE-award of the awards you passed on to me! You are such a sweet and special person, with a great blog, and I wanted to give you recognition for being one of my favorite bloggers, whom I would award these awards too! Does all this make sense??? LOL! You deserve it again! :) Hugs, Rhonda

The Barber Bunch said...

I love all your Yellow pics!

As far as my Ladybug...... She is no longer in the house. She stayed about 2 more weeks then she was gone.

Wendy said...

Very cute!!! I have so much yellow in my house its one of my favorite colors!!

Kindra said...

What a great post! I tend to have more "mustard" colors in my house. Does that count?

How's the the exercising going? Is hubby doing it with you?

Have a wonderful evening!

Feathering My Nest said...

Hi Deb, I'm so impressed with your enthusiasim for your new wt. program. I'm praying for you!!

This was a cute post. I love your cute ideas for finding yellow ~ dust mop. Uggh I could add my own teeth. I should get them whitened. I drink coffee. LOL.

The music called "Gollum's Song" is from the movie "Lord of the Rings." The man who wrote the books, Tolkien, was a Christian. I am not sure if the way I put Scripture to pictures from the movie, is what he had in mind, but I get the feeling it was. There is a scene where the girl on the horse rescues Frodo from the evil black riders. When I watched that scene, I loved it cause I thought of us Christians sharing Christ with others, and not fearing. We would have no fear, as the girl in the movie, is not one bit afraid of those black riders. They cannot touch her. Satan cannot touch us, because we belong to Christ.

I like the music too. Thanks for visiting me. I'm going to post something cheerful soon. I've been sad because it seems that so many people around me have cancer, so I just left the post up for awhile. I just picked up a pizza at a fund-raiser for Jane, who is in the last stages of colon cancer, and has two teens and a husband. It's jus been on my mind a lot. God bless you sweetie. Good-night, Kathi

Pearl said...

Oh Deb... What a whimsical post to read! For someone that said her yellow was "limited", I thought you found some great examples! Feels so good to smile...


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

What a fun & wonderful post! Love the dust mop.

Our family still watches those old Andy episodes. Our boys enjoy them so much. Aunt B is my very favorite. I would love to have all those different aprons she wears. We even have a Mayberry trivia game. It's pathetic, isn't it? LOL

Hope you'll do a post on it soon.