Thursday, May 1, 2008


These are a few of my weight loss projects, some short lived but, most never left the ground. They are probably not listed in the order that I purchased them but, who can remember?

1. Slim in 6, I purchased this years ago. I used it relentlessly for two weeks, began to see progress but couldn't stick with it.

2. The firm, I ordered it years ago too, sat down and watched the first cd and that was all she wrote.

3. Pilates, tried it about 15 minutes.

4. Jane Fonda's Step Aerobics, I use this back in 1995 for about a year got great results I started at 150 pounds, my goal was to 127 pounds, which was my weight before I found out I was pregnant with Kandace. It took about 4 months dieting and exercise. In April of 1996, right after I lost my oldest daughter I lost down to 120 pounds which was not good so I stopped exercising and starting eating to bring my weight back and I never got back into it, but tried a couple of years later I couldn't stick with it. Now the video tape won't play. I found it on the Internet on cd but, haven't purchased it.

5. The AB-DOer , never got off the ground.

The Easy-Shaper, I believe is the name. I could have hired a SUMO wrestler with what that thing put me through or had a V-8.

The AB- Lounger, some say it worked for them but, me maybe I didn't get the results fast enough to make me want to stick with it.

6. Curves Trimming Shorts- sauna -action neoprene helps you shed excess water weight from your lower torso to your thighs. They will make you sweat but, I need it in a body suit.

7. Body shaper, Victoria's Secret. I bought the largest size they had, got it home and tried it out with horrible results, didn't hold anything in. It's now still tagged, and folded neatly in my drawer, I guess until who knows.

So this is the plan.
Tomorrow I plan to pick up one of these purchases that I have made and put it to use.
Tomorrow I will boldly post a before picture of myself, the weight I am now, my goal; and which plan I've chosen.
Hope you don't mind me using you, because I am. But, I'm hoping by using you I will be able to follow this through. I need your prayers and your encouragement. My weight is the only thing that I am unhappy with in my life. I had a plan that when I turned 50 that it would be the beginning of a new me, and that by my 50th birthday which was February of this year I would be my ideal weight and I failed. So here I go, again. I will post a picture of myself and an update of my progress every Friday whether good or bad. Deb


Kindra said...

Well I have a collection of workout video tapes collecing dust too...We could do this together if we lived closer! I too need to get going with working out and eating better. Staying home doesn't help, I can snack whenever I can...I have gained a little weight since having kids.
What a great idea at what you're doing though. I will be here for support and a good cheeleader!

Mrs. B said...

Good luck Deb! You can do it! By the way, I have a long list of failed diet and excercise plans too!

Feathering My Nest said...

Deb, You are so brave to first admit this and then post a picture. I will support you and pray for you. You can do it. I am going to begin walking. I am also going to eat more veggies. I have always sorta gone for a handful of blanched almonds and cheese on an empty stomach, rather than a doughnut on an empty stomach, but this weight thing is catching up with me anyway. I think it's because I truly have not been faithful with exercise and eat those vegetables, plus it's my age. God bless you Deb. You can do it and I can't wait to cheer you on. Hugs, Kathi

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Congrats Deb on your much deserved award! I try to hide or either pass my failed diet paraphernalia on to the thrift my husband won't fuss about the wasted money! LOL! Good luck with your diet and prayers for much success!!! :)

Hugs, Rhonda

Pearl said...

Hi Deb... I got your message; thank you so much for your concern and prayer. I, too, wish I could just erase whatever is making me feel this way... but things do not always come so easily, do they? Continued prayer and talks with God are my plan.

I have struggled like you, Deb, with weight problems and body image issues. I think alot of women are in the same boat. I'm really very proud of you and your decision regarding this! Please count on me to be here for you. I'll help in any way I can. I've got a positive feeling for you and I see success around the corner.

Congratulations on your Award! It's well deserved ~throws confetti~

I hope you're having a wonderful May Day! God bless.


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Deb, I have used the firm workout tapes for over 20 years. Well, I haven't used them in the last 4 years very often. But, these pictures have reminded me that I should really get started again. I started walking 2-3 miles everyday. Then it got cold outside again. I am going to do it!!!
Hugs, Terrie

French said...

Best of luck Deb~~~go for it and don't look back! You can do it! Be brave and win this battle! We all have something to stop or quit, I have a treadmill that a neighbor brought over because I said I wanted to start~~~that was 8days ago (yikes) now you have me thinking why wait! French;)

The Cozy Parsonage said...

You can do it Deb! We fasted for thrity days for spiriyual insight on nothing but fruits and vegatables-this included broth soups with veggies as well as some beans and nuts. I list about 10 lbs on it. Now I am doing the special K challenge for another 8-alomst there-except for maybe that snack I had tonight.........haven't worked out at all this week as well-lots going on but nxt week s not as hectic so I will get back at it. You can do it! Tress

Deb said...

Thanks everybody for your support, it means so much to me. Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
I haven't stopped by in awhile and I just wanted to say Hi and hope you had a wonderful May Day.

LeAnn :)