Monday, May 12, 2008

New Addition To The Family & My Mother's Day Gifts

This is my son Kevin and his family, he has another son not pictured here. We'v been informed that we have a new baby on the way and that........................IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!.............YES! YES! YES!.........this will be my first grandaughter. Yes, I have 3 from my husband's daughter's and I love them dearly, but this will be the first of my own, I have 5 grandson's, 6 with my husbands little grandson Colin. Poogly, is a pet name for my little one pictured above, and he'll be celebrating his first birthday this Saturday, I will take photos of all the kids then. Now below are my lovely Mother's Day gifts.

This Beautiful card

With these lovely words

This wonderful fire pit

This beautiful purse, it came with an umbrella and coin purse

Two lovely Fifth Avenue Crystal cracker dishes

This Mother's Day Wal-Mart Gift Card and numorous phone calls, wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. As for the gift that I buy for myself it's ordered and on the way.


Picket said...

Congrats on the new addition Deb!! I am so happy for you girl! Ohhhh you have a treasure chest of goodies for Mother's Day! lol lol Hope you are having a beautiful day today my friend!

Mrs. B said...

Hi Deb! Congratulations to you and your son and daughter in law! Baby girls are so much fun! I bet you can't wait to start shopping for sweet little pink things! And what nice gifties you got for Mother's Day!

Feathering My Nest said...

Deb, I am so happy for you!!! What a thrill. You got such nice gifts from your family. I love all of them. What a super Mother's Day you had.


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Deb, I am so.. excited for you!! I bet grandma will be buying all kinds of pink frilly things. You have such a beautiful family. WOW!! You got some awesome mother's day gifts. Have a nice evening. Hugs, Terrie

Pearl said...

Hi Deb... Your son is so handsome and such a pretty DIL and a cutie pie sitting on Daddy's lap!

I really enjoyed seeing your lovely Mother's Day gifts... my favorites were the news of a precious granddaughter on the way! And... all of the phone calls you got. How wonderful for you that so many loved ones were thoughtful enough to call ~smiles~

Please have a pleasant evening and know that you're in my prayers.
God bless.



sheila said...

you did have a Great Mother's Day :)

you can't beat a new grandbaby on the way with the added bonus of all those pretty gifts (I really like those cracker dishes)

(and, yes, I am a Pisces, lol)

Kindra said...

Congrats on your new soon to be grand-daughter! When is the due date? How exciting.

You got some beautiful gifts! Sound like you had an awesome day!

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Hi Deb,
Aw, a granddaughter, that is very exciting, get out the pink! I'm glad you had such a lovely Mothers Day. Thanks for the birthday wishes.


Life on Bonnie Lane said...

How exciting that you're going to have a granddaughter! Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You were really blessed with some great presents!

I bought a firepit on clearance last fall and can't wait to get it set up as soon as it gets a little warmer!

Wendy said...

Congratulations Deb!!! Woo Hoo we are so Blessed aren't we?!! So happy for you my friend!! You really got the goods on Mothers Day!! Thanks for sharing in my hapiness as well!!Take care!!~Wendy

The Barber Bunch said...

What a good looking family. Can't wait to meet everyone else!


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Congratulations! A new baby is such a gift from the Lord! That little grandboy is such a cutie.


Rue said...

Congratulations!! How exciting :)

I'm so happy to hear you had a nice Mother's Day and you sure got some beautiful gifts!

Have a great day Deb,

Katy said...

Congrats on the baby girl on the way! how exciting!!!And what beautiful gifts you got!!! You have a sweet family Deb!!!
Thank you for your encouraging comments on my weightloss!! Don't be too hard on yourself about the lemon pound cake. We all make's jumping right back up and eating right again that is important! That is fantastic you stuck with you exercising!!! I wish you the best with it Deb!!!