Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meme Time

I found this meme on a blog I was browsing, jotted down the categories, but fogot to jot down the blogs name, and I'm so sorry that I can't link back to them, I searched around to try and find where I had seen it but had no luck. There was an invitation to anyone that wanted to participate, so here goes.

What was I doing ten years ago:

1. I was working outside the home
2. I was a single parent raising a family of three
3. I was driving a 1996 Chevy Cavalier
4. I was in church with my children every Sunday morning and Wednesday night
5. I was dating my current husband

Five things on my to do list:

1. Go to the post office
2. Remove a desk from my grand kids room to give them a little more floor space
3. Pick Kandace up from school
4. Check on my Aunt
5. Watch What Not To Wear

Five Snacks I enjoy

1. Ice Cream
2. Potato Chips
3. Dry Roasted Nuts
4. Peanut butter and Graham Crackers
5. Cottage Cheese and Cling Peaches

Five Things I Would Do If I Where A Billionaire

1. If I had just come into the money, I'd get on my knees and say "Thank You Jesus". I would pick 10 Church's, 10 charity organizations, 10 research hospitals and 20 random families in need, that I do not know, to share 10 million dollars.
2. I would pay off all of our obligations
3. I would give to family
4. Hire a financial planner, I would want to keep the home that I'm in now, (unless it proved not to be a good idea) add a story that would house only the Master Suite, put in a pool and hire a pool guy ( and swim every morning ) in the summer.
5. I would take a small trip some place every month and plan a big trip that included family members once a year

This was a hard question because, I don't know what I'd do.

Five Of My Bad Habits

1. I start projects and allow them to consume me, then rush to do things I should be doing
2. I bite my lips, they are chapped a lot, my husband is constantly saying "stop biting your lips"
3. I'm the world's biggest procrastinator, my worst situation is that I put-off until the last minute to pay bills and have to make an over the phone payment to avoid lates fees, but in most cases it still cost me extra money. (I know, terrible waste) :O(
4. I kick off my shoes where ever, misplace my keys, and have to search for them most every time I need them.
5. When I'm angry, I have a problem listening to my 17 year old daughter's point of view when we're in an argument, and I know that's what escalates the situation. (I'm trying) but, she can make me so mad.

Five Places That I've Lived

1. I lived with my Aunt from age 6 until 13 after my mother passed
2. Then with my father from 13 after he remarried
3. When I married I lived in Birmingham with my husband until we moved to Buffalo New York where his father lived, they fell out with each other so we moved back after about a year and a half
4. When we moved back we lived with his mother until we found a place, :O(
5. Now, still in Birmingham with my second husband, but happy

Five Jobs That I've Had

1. S. H. Kress - lunch counter (this was my first job)
2. Grocery store clerk
3. United Healthcare - claim processing -
4. Buffalo Rock/Pepsi Plant - Production Worker - Job- Depal Operator (but we had to know how to operate every machine because we had to go where we were needed.
5. Homemaker

I will tag one, but anyone that wants to participate can, please let me know if you do so, because I would love to know more about you. Im tagging Tress.

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Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I'm just sooooo glad I found you today! Reading all about you like that was just wonderful, and I feel like I know you already. I came here via Lea and Farmhouse Blessings! Thanks so much for posting that! It was wonderful!
Looking forward to getting to know you better! Cora

Mrs. B said...

Hi Deb! I really enjoyed reading your meme. It's always fun learning more about the nice people I've met in blogland!

Kindra said...

What a fun post!! I learned a lot about Deb tonight. I think I might have to do this one. I will let you know when I post. :)
Have a great weekend my friend!!

Rue said...

Hi Deb :)

That was a great meme! I feel like I know you even better now :)