Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tagged! Embarrassing Songs That I Love

I've been tagged by Dot @ Picket's Place to reveal, 5 songs that I'm embarrassed to admit to others that I love.

The rules are to link back to the person that tagged you
List the songs and tell why you like them
Then I am to tag 7 other bloggers to do the same.

Welcome to "The Grin Room" I'm blushing and as red as a beet while I'm writing these songs down. I probably won't be able to say specifically why I like them, other than, I just, I LOVE THESE SONGS! Maybe I have some bad girl tucked deep inside of me, "let's just hope she's not trying to get out"! Down Girl, down!

Here's my list:
1. Last Name - Carrie Underwood

2. Redneck Woman - Gretchen Wilson

3. Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde - Travis Tritt

4. Beer For My Horses - Toby Keith

5. Cleaning This Gun - Rodney Atkins

I have posted these songs on the head of my playlist for those of you that have not heard them. Enjoy!

Now, I will reveal one more thing about myself that I'm embarrassed for anyone to know but, I'll tell you anyway.

As you know I'm deemed "The Queen of Karaoke" at family functions. So to stay "Up On Game" you can find me downstairs on stage, any day of the week, anytime, just whenever it get the fever, practicing. Thursday I went and bought a .......

Microphone Stand LOL!

I needed it to accommodate the background singers on the left stage.

But when I'm alone I use it for Center Stage, and I'm having a ball! You can see more of this room by clicking here.


Kindra said...

I like some of those songs too, Deb! :) I like pretty mellow songs these days...when I was younger I was sure into those bump and grind songs. You know how teenagers are. :)

Deb said...

I just hope I don't go down in history as a BAD GIRL. LOL! Deb

Picket said...

LOL I love it!!!! Girl...I love all those songs! lol lol Oh and I so was hoping you had a soundtrack of you singing on that stage!!! lol lol That has got to be the coolest family gathering attraction ever!!! Love this!!!!

This Country Girl said...

I don't think you'll be going down as a bad girl, Deb! I like alot of those too...I like such a variety of music, people would probably have a hard time figuring me out! I love Toby Keith and Travis Tritt! Your karaoke nights sound fun...I'd love to hear you and I love your room!


Nnairda's said...

I love your blog! I followed you from Pat's blog. I'm in your neck of the woods too, Montgomery.

Your Karaoke room is awesome! Makes me want to break the old
80's song books and go to work.

Enjoy your week!


Anonymous said...

Deb... that's hilarious! LOL... You are no bad girl, sounds to me like you are a fun girl!


Bella said...

I love most of those songs, too :)

After seeing your stage and microphone, I think we will all be adding "Make A Stage" to our Honey Do lists, lol ;) How cute!

Bella :)

Monday through Sunday said...

lol you are so fun!! I love you!!

Don said...

I'm shocked that I didn't know not one of the songs listed. which is strange because I have a good education when it comes to songs.

The Queen of Karaoke. LOL. Nothing like seeing a person enjoy themselves. Good deal, Deb.

Connie said...

You just keep on rockin', sweet kisses chick!!! And they say "I'M funny.......nuuuuuuuuuu, "YOU'RE" funny, chickee!!! Wooooooohoooooo, just rednecking 'round here tonight!!

French said...

Ok I must admit I only recognize one of those songs at least by name! This is not to say I haven't heard them but just don't know it (lol) I am much more into R&B and reggae and old 80's stuff! Weird I know (lol) French;)

Wendy said...

How cool you have your own stage and set up in your house!!! Too cool!!LOL....I'm not to familiar with country music anymore I used to listen to it all the time but then I just stopped. Hope you have a great night!!~Wendy

Attorneymom said...

Hey, Deb. I see you love country music. I must confess. I do too.

Whew, I feel much better now that I let that skeleton out of the closet. LOL.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Deb, the more I get to know you the more I love you!! It would be fun to get together and sing our hearts out!! I love the music you chose. Do you like gospel music?? I love it!! I was raised a baptist!! Hugs, Terrie

Jan Parrish said...

Totally cool. You could even have a comic night on that stage. Love it.

My song is "Chrome" by Trace Adkins. Love it.

Pearl said...

Ohhh Deb... You are just adorable! I love that you got yourself a mic stand and that you use it! You go Girl... LOL

And, I liked your song choices! I doubt you need to worry about going down in history as a BAD Girl... LOL ... Sweetie, there isn't a thimbleful of BAD in you, anywhere! This was a great post... God bless...


KKJD1 said...

Deb,I'm right there with you I was raised listening to country music so I was like the song I was country when country was uncool. So sing your heart out I'll be right behind you! Karen

Rue said...

Oops! I posted my comment in the wrong place!!....

Hi Deb :)

You "bad girl" you! ;) I love those too. There's nothin' like a good butt kickin' song is there ?? ;)

Your new "do" looks beautiful!


Don said...

@ attorneymom: LOL.

Sharon said...

Hi there! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Sharon from Rose of Sharon. I see your pretty picture on a lot of the same blogs that I often visit and I thought perhaps we could be friends! Love the karaoke pix! Come by for a vist to my place and say hello!

:0) Sharon

a bite of country cupcakes said...

After seeing you stopped by my newly created blog ,I have come by yours!
I have kept myself busy whilst one child is at preschool,one asleep and the other busy creating and been reading all your posts!

I have added you to my side bar and will now pop by regularly..Yay!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Deb, You bad girl! LOL! We probably all have a little of that down deep in us! Well, some of us have it closer to the surface than others! LOL! I'm going to post my selections Saturday! It sure is hard to narrow it down to 5 isn't it? LOL! I love your Karoke (Sp?) stage and set-up! That is so neat! Ash, David, and Josh do that with the Rock Band game all the can hear them singing all over the house! I bet you guys have so much fun! It sure looks like a great place to hang out! :)
Hugs, Rhonda

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I would never have guessed that you liked country music! I'm not familiar with the songs, and will have to listen to them later.

I love that you bought yourself a mic! I bet you are something up on stage! How fun!