Friday, August 15, 2008

Remember This? ~ This Is Now This! ~ Shameful!

Around the middle of spring my backyard looked like this. It was waiting on nothing but green grass and more flowers in bloom?

These are flower beds one, two, and three. The beds were ready for just about anything. All I had to do was to go get it and plant it. Then blogging became pretty much an all day pass time to me. And passed time was what it did. Sure I found time for inside work, that's a must. But there was absolutely no time for outside work. Then I blamed it on the heat. "It's too hot! In the pass, I would get up at the crack of dawn before the sun came out to get my outside work done. It was a passion of mine! Now I only procrastinate and watch my backyard and a few other things go untouched. Well today is the start of a new day! I just can't keep up with everything and "Somethings Got To Give" Look! Just Look! what I've allowed to happen.

This is flower bed one. I needs weeding and edging, it's my husbands job to edge them but, since I hadn't seemed to care I guess he didn't either.

This is flower bed two. A mess!

This is the fourth bed, right in front of the screened porch area. A double mess! I never did put down pine straw, therefore the weeds just had their way. This picture is after I went out there Monday evening and pull a few weeds but there is still a large patch, and I need to move some things around that the elephant ears have hidden, and get straw down. There are also other areas outside that need my attention. My garage looks the same as I have been saying that I was going to get it cleaned out and have a yard sale to get some of this junk out of the house and so far it's only been a thought. Closets need attention too. Although I love blogging ladies and gents, I must take some significant time off to get my house in order. I decided that until I get these things done I will only post or visit on Friday's. I will be missing all of you but, this must be done. Deb


Monday through Sunday said...

I will be looking forward to your posts!! :)

Anonymous said...


Sorry your yard suffered from neglect. I know the feeling! Well, I guess I will be looking forward to your blogs on Fridays. I will miss you! Once a week is better than none at all.

I do understand. Home comes first. I hope you get everything in order.


Brown-Eyes said...

Hi, do I ever realize what you mean about blogging becoming a fulltime obsession. I'm just getting into it and since I'm still stumbling & fumbling around trying to figure the ins & outs of it, I can see how a day can evaporate at the computer...LOL I'll look forward even more so to Fridays and catching up with you.
;-) Brown-Eyes

Connie said...

I'm feelin' your pain, sweet sister chick!! Our is looking mighty similar about now with hub going to Orlando tomorrow and not having time to do my "honey do" list!!

This Country Girl said...

I totally understand, Deb! Blogging is so addictive! We've got a kitchen redo starting and if I'm ever to get anything accomplished, it will be fewer visits to the computer, for sure!

I hope you get bunches and bunches accomplished! I'll miss you!


KKJD1 said...

Hey Deb, I understand I had to limit myself too. I will be here every friday with bells on to see what youve been up to. I will miss you. Please come by my blog when you can and get your name in the hat for my last book giveaway. Blessings, Karen

Picket said...

Hey sweetie...Girl I know exactly what you are saying..that's why I don't blog every day...I have too much other stuff that is more important...I love blogging and I definitely love all my blogging friends but I just have to walk away at times...Fridays will be a special treat from now on! lol

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Yikes! Things sure did grow quick! Don't feel bad though. One of my flower gardens is nearly overtaken by weeds, and the others are badly in need of some attention. I have just never been a gardener, and I half that time don't know the difference between weeds and something new growing, so I just let it go until it is obvious which is which! lol


Jan Parrish said...

I think the key is everything in moderation. :)

I love those elephant ears. I wonder if they would grow out here?

Kindra said...

I know how it is with's very addicting and takes up a lot of time sometimes. (Raising my hand, guilty). I'll be missing you, but I know other things take priority. Have a great week.

a day in the life of bella said...

Wow, the weeds sure do take over a garden in your neck of the woods!

I will miss your posts, but I totally understand! See ya Friday;)


PAT said...

Yes, Deb...It would be so nice to blog everyday, but I learned, early on, things can get put on a back burner for the sake of blogland.

I cut back to two posts per week. The past week or two there were three. But two is plenty and I divide my visiting list, which ranges well over 100, into sections, so it is easier to manage. I try to get around to visiting everyone, but can't do it on a daily basis and I certainly cannot read all posts if there are more than a couple per week. I'd be sitting here all day everyday.

So I know exactly where you're coming from and I look forward to your Friday posts. Good idea to choose a day and post that day!


Connie said...

What????, chickiepoo!!!!! I didn't sound like "One Hot Nana Chick??!?!?!! I'm doomed to sound like a teeny bopper for life!!!!! Sobbbb................
Ya ain't seen nothin' yet, chick....Check out tomorrow's blog post!!!! Ooooooooooeeeeee
It's a good day....they played all my favorites hymns in church!!!! Woohoooo

Wendy said...

I know what your saying, when your on here you lose all sense of time!! It happens to me all the time, I too have to just shut down the pc and move on!! Take care my friend!!~Wendy

Picket said...

Oh I am so glad you got the about this excitement and the wheels turning...girl this is just Sunday....I gotta wait til Friday before you give me a hint????? Oh what torture!!! lol lol

a day in the life of bella said...

Hi Deb, you know what...I went for the white pumpkins that Susie had on her site...and when I went they only had the brown ones, which I like, but I really wanted those white ones, they're unique...although it looks like white pumpkins will be all the rage this fall by the looks of what I have been seeing around the decorating town;)

Our store already had Christmas stuff, so I am not too optimistic about them getting the pumpkins back in, but it would be nice.

I hope you find them :)


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Yes, this blogging deal is very time consuming. I love it, but I stay up too late and then have to get up for work in the morning. You must do what you must do. Take care and think of us while you weed.

Kathi said...

I can relate to this post very well, Deb. It's so hard to keep up with everything. Blogging is important too. I find it hard to balance. I want to be an encourager and I want some encouragement too. You blogging friends are amazing and bring joy. Yard work is tough. I can't wait to see what you get accomplished, Deb. Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll do it. Kathi