Friday, May 9, 2008


First, I want to thank everybody for your prayers and concerns about us, during our terrible weather conditions yesterday. It was a busy day, and believe me it had it's ups and it's downs. It started with tornado watches and warnings, I went and picked up my nephew, and one of my grand daughters from school early, the weather man had stated that it the storm would be heavy in our area around three.

Once we got home, to kind of keep their minds off the weather, I decided that I would make a cake. I used a recipe that I found in my Country Door Catalog.

It was for a Lemon Pound Cake, remember I told you that I'm not a baker, so this really is an experiment. After mixing the ingredients,

Dusting the pan

Here she is! I think it's B E A U T I F U L my first lemon pound cake!, I've only tried making cakes a few times in my life, and I made the glaze to go on top. You can't see it because it was kind of watery but it taste good. I usually stick to my banana pudding which everyone loves but now maybe I'll try more cakes.

After the cake was made and the sirens went off a couple of more times, we thought that everything was ok. Our daughter came and picked up my granddaughter, they live a few blocks away. When she got home she called my husband and told him that a tree had fallen on her house. My husband went to see if he could help with anything he's so good at those things but, it ended up in a trip to the EMERGENCY ROOM!
Here's his arm band, he was trying to break off a limb, when it broke, it snapped back and hit him in the face causing his bottom teeth to cut his cheek, from the inside out. It was very frighting to me, because when he pulled on it you could see straight through. In the emergency room we sat and sat and sat. They see patients in an order of who's illness or injury's are the greatest. His accident happened around 7pm, we got there at 8pm because my husband really didn't want to go but, I really thought he should. He got 4 stitches on the outside of his cheek and 2 inside. When we got home it was 12:45 am this morning so we slept in a little. About mid-morning. I asked him to take me to her house so that I could see the damage.

This is from one side of the house

This is the top of the tree that extends clear to the other side of the house

This is the view from the back of her house

This shows that the tree fell from the very back of the yard onto the house, that's my husband looking at other trees that may need to come down, to keep this from happening again. He didn't want to take a picture because his face is swollen but, " He Still Looks Fine To Me".

This is the little doggy that was not hurt during the making of this film
And this is the weight that I am now, I started last week at 175 pounds and this morning I weighed in at 172.2 Yea! for me ! I had a change of plan I thought it better that I show a picture of myself at the end of my weight loss and just do the scales until I get there, for a more dramatic ending. I want to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and encouraging words. I know they were the reason for my success. Deb


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Deb, First of all, that is a beautiful cake. You may have a future in cake baking. I wish I had your mixer. lol Oh, my!! I feel so bad about your daughter's house. And your dear husband's cheek. I think he's handsome. Swollen cheek and all. You make a cute couple. I sure hope he doesn't cut those trees down all by himself. And you're on a roll!! I hope you continue to lose the weight the way you are. I feel guilty. I really need to get started losing weight myself. I hope your family got some rest today!! Hugs, Terrie

Deb said...

Hi Terrie, thanks, although there's no rest in sight, we are leaving at 5am in the morning going to Atlanta, GA, one of my husbands cousins passed away and the funeral is tomorrow. We will be gone all day and come back home that night, Alanta is only 21/2 hours away. Hopefully Mother's Day will bring rest. Deb

Deb said...

If you think Im crazy, I am. I posted a message to Terrie on my own blog but I've been through a lot. DEb

PAT said...

Deb you have been having a time!

Your lemon cake looks delicious and you reminded me, I haven't made banana pudding in a very long time! You've inspired me!

Sorry about your hubby's injury and so very sorry about your daughter's house. That happened to our daughter's house a couple of years ago..somewhere in my archives I have the photos. The porch was the only thing damaged and it was repaired, better than ever.

Two years ago this month, my cousin's son was sitting in his family room with his wife and daughter, when a tree came crashing through the roof and into the room where they were. They were not injured. However...they just got back into their house this past winter. It was over a year of insurance companies and lawyers, before they could get started on repairs. Billy and family handled it all with grace. They are a fabulous family.

Congratulations on the wt loss!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothers Day!

Wendy said...

So glad you all are alright!! Glad your hubby wasn't more seriously hurt!! Your cake looks so good and yummy! And congratulations on your weight loss!! woohoo!! Happy Mothers Day my friend!!~Wendy

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Oh my, how frightening! I am so sorry to hear that your husband got hurt, but so thankful that it wasn't worse! Glad your daughter is safe. I guess in the midst of all the storms, you did what any sensible blogger would took a lemon and made lemonade...ooops, lemon cake!It looks scrumptious!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Deb, So sorry for your daughter's house! Hope the damage is minimal, once they get the tree off and can really access! Hope your husband heals quickly and well! That sounds like a painful injury! ...On a lighter note, your cake looks delicious!!! And congrats on the weight loss! I know that is exciting! :)

Happy Mom's Day!
Hugs, Rhonda :)

Mrs. B said...

Hi Deb! Well, I guess I'm too late for cake since it's already Saturday where you are! But that looks delicious! I love pound cake. May have to find a recipe so I can try it out with my lemons.

Wow, what a storm! I'm sorry to hear about your hubby having to go to the ER, but glad that nobody was hurt worse than that. I hope your grand kids weren't too scared. Did the tree do any serious damage to the house?

And what a great job you're doing with your weight loss! Doesn't it make you feel good to see the scale change? Way to go!

The Barber Bunch said...

Boy.... what a day!!
I hope your Husband is doing OK.


BTW......that pound cake looks YUMMY!

Kindra said...

You had an eventful day, that's for sure!! I'm glad that everyone is safe and sound. That kind of weather is seen too much in Nebraska. So far so good. I hope your husband is recovery. I bet that was kind of scary. And yes, the ER is not the kind of place you want to spend the evening and half the night! And oh my, so glad to see that your daughter's house is okay. Was there any damage?

On a lighter note, your lemon cake looks yummy! I have been getting in the Betty Crocker mood and making homeade baked goods now and then. I get great recipes off of other blogs. And congrats on your weight loss!! That is always encouraging to see that and move forward!! Have a great weekend, my friend!

Rue said...

Oh my goodness Deb! I'm so glad that all of you are okay! I'm sorry your husband got hurt though. Poor thing :(

That cake looks oh-so-good! I wish I could eat it virtually ;)

You're doing great with the weight loss!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Pearl said...

Hi Deb... You sure have been through alot lately; bless your heart. I'm really sorry about your daughter's home, but so thankful that no one was injured at the time. I cringed when I read about the tree branch hitting your husband's face. So glad medical help was gotten and I'll pray for a swift recovery.

Your Lemon Cake is a beauty! I bet a slice of it would be yummies with a fresh cup of coffee... mmmmmm! It was a good idea to keep busy in the kitchen as a diversion. I'm excited for you regarding your weight loss ~a fantastic beginning~

Also, I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and prayers. Cat is having such a hard time, but is very touched by prayers. I hope your Mother's Day is lovely.


The Cozy Parsonage said...

What a day! I am glad your husband is okay as well as the rest of your family! And of course the doggy as well.
The cake looks gorgous! And congrats on the weight loss!
I know I gained about 3 lbs these last 2 weeks so I am back at it tomorrow!

sheila said...

hi :)

comin' to your blog for the first time via Pat's Back Porch Musings :)

your poor husband...ouch...but I to laugh at your disclaimer about the FBD (dog :)...

and that is a fabulous lookin' cake...I almost decided to make it (because I went to the web site to look for it) but have instead decided to make Grandma Jones' Banana Oatmeal Cookies...

I'm just in a Cookie Mood :)

sheila said...

p.s. couldn't find the lemon pound cake recipe on the site but there are some good soundin' recipes to try :) ...thanks for the inspiration :)