Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally The Nerve

This is my hall bath. I never had the nerve to post on RMS, they would have eaten me alive. So outdated they would have said LOL, but it just so happens that I really love this bath and don't plan on changing a thing. Not a thing other than changing the saloon doors to a french door or the cabinet hardware if I find something very pretty. I love it, change, save it for the next person that gets this house.

The medicine cabinets were already here when I moved in, which are behind the mirrors, so were the light fixtures, I found the shelf and pictures at Marshall's. This is not the wall paper that was here, it's paper that I chose. I picked up the little angels at Cato's.

I love the color of the counter tops, it's actually a softer color than it shows on the pictures. I found the soap dispensers and other accessories at Marshall's. I use the smaller ones for cotton balls and facial pads.

I thought they turned out to be a perfect match to the sink faucets.

This is the wall across from the sink there is a linen closet not pictured. The mirror and pictures I found at Marshall's, the birds and jar I found at a yard sale. 2.00 for the pair of birds, and 25 cents for the jar.

This is the bath area, the tiles show true to color here, you wont believe I found these curtains at a Family Dollar Store for 8.00 a pair. This is exactly the style I wanted for the bath because I wanted it to take on a Victorian Motif. The mirror, to the right I found at Kirkland's. I'm not at all happy with the towels but they'll do until I find what I want. Oh the picture, Marshall's and the candle holder The Homestead House.

I used the same curtain for the shower, I had to sew a pocket on the backside to allow for the size of the curtain rod. "Sew Simple"

I was actually sitting in the tub when I took this picture, clothed mind you, Just thought I'd be silly. :O)


Stacy said...

What a pretty bathroom =D I love the birds on your wall and your curtains, and the little soap dispenser items. So cute, and they all go together so well =)

Picket said...

Hello friend..I love the bathroom...I don't blame you for not wanting to change is so pretty..oh girl I too have rooms that I would never post on RMS...My study for has 3 bookcases full of family photos and I love it because when I am at my desk I feel surrounded by my family....but the RMS 'clutter guards' would throw me to the wolves!!!! lol lol Sometimes a room just makes you smile and it doesn't have to be the in style or the lastest fad..but it just makes you happy...that's all that counts...Hope you are having a beautiful day girl..catch you later!

Kindra said...

I think you have a great bathroom. I like the blue tiles! I especially like the curtains. They really make the space! I wouldn't change anything either.:)

By the way I love your music. Country is my favorite. Bring on the Rain is one of my all time favorites!! I might have to add that one to my playlist. :)

jimmy jackson said...

Very nice picture of curtain in the bathroom. curtains for the bathroom should be kept open so that light enters into the bathroom.

Deb said...

Thanks everyone, It's so good to get nice comments without the ratings.

Jan Parrish said...

What a cozy room.

Great site. I linked you.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Deb, I love it, too! I'm so glad I am here instead of RMS. I pulled my pictures from RMS. And I don't think I'll be going back. I do have friends there that I miss. I visit most of them in broken off groups I belong to. Hugs, Terrie

Mrs. B said...

That blue reminds me of a Tiffany box. I think it's very pretty. And I love those mirrors you've got over the sinks! I'd love to have some mirrors like that in my bathroom rather than the ugly, boxy medicine cabinet!

Rue said...

Hi Deb :)

I'm sorry I haven't been by much. Forgive me??

I think your bath is darling and if I didn't I would say so. I love that tile and can't imagine ripping it out. You did a great job decorating it for not a lot of money, but making it look like you did :)


Joy said...

I love the bathroom. The tile counters are very pretty as well
as the little birds.

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Wow! What a fabulous powder room! I honestly wouldn't know what to do with all that space. Love the blue ... it is so soothing and refreshing. So glad you're not going to change it!


Feathering My Nest said...

I love your bathroom. I wouldn't change a thing. I like your idea of the French door though, that would be so lovely. I love the way you decorate.


Firefly Nights said...

Some of the decorator shows on TV go so far overboard changing perfectly good kitchens and bathrooms for a ton of money that I just don't understand why people do it. I'm glad you see the value of liking what you have and only making a few pretty little changes. Your bathroom is lovely.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Found your blog from another RMS person's blog. I remember seeing your rooms there! I love that you showed your bathroom here. Mine is blue too and even though it wouldn't rate high on there either, I love it! It's small, it's old fashioned, but I knew when I first walked into it that the blue paint was staying! I am kady_39 at RMS. Vist my new blog if you'd like!

pedalpower said...

Just found your blog and I love it. Your bath is so pretty....and you have a great attitude. It's better to think about what you like rather than what the current trend is.

Your blue tiles and white cabinets look so pretty and fresh...I wouldn't change them either.